Thursday, April 17, 2014

Picture Books? Pffft. Give me GIF books!

I was feeling very ADD tonight and decided to write a book in gif form. These two are exactly how I picture Andi and Cohen, and the more I went down the rabbit hole, the harder it became to stop. This has absolutely nothing to do with their real story, but this was too much fun for me not to share. 

Andi's tired of being a virgin. She meets Cohen, finds him hot, and is more than ready to do the deed.

Needless to say, it doesn't go well.

Three years have passed. They are reunited. Cohen knows he messed up way back when. He's more than ready to make up for it now. 

Andi's soooo not convinced.

He gets tired of her attitude. 

She's all... Whatever Dude.

Then one day she finds a cute, funny video of him online. 

She easily identifies...Clearly.

They become Spotify friends, sending each other recommendations back and forth as they realize they love the same music.

And then he sends her Call Me Maybe so she'll get the hint...

Ugh. Why did he do that?

If we're going to be friends.... here's a gift.

Seriously, Andi?

Yeah, seriously.

FINALLY!! One thing leads to another....

Cohen can work it!


And just when everything seems perfect, she cheats on him with Ryan Gosling. 

He was a Mousekateer for cryin' out loud!!!



Yolo? Really, Andi?

You were an asshole, Andi.

Good. You should. You should have realized Cohen's cock was 10x better than Gosling's. Seriously. He's tall and skinny. You know what that means. 

Yep. She's so over Gosling. Tall and skinny does nothing for her.

Screw you, Gosling! She's Cohen's!

Andi's sorry and just wants her man back.

Cohen is all in!

Music to Andi's ears

And just like that, Cohen found out he is next. HEA and all that crap. 

The End. But not really. It's actually just the beginning. Cohen and Andi will be on your bookshelves August 2014. 

Disclaimer: Ryan Gosling sadly does not make an appearance in this book. And his penis might be very nice, even if he is tall and skinny.

Also, if you made it this far, add Combust to your TBR!!! Cohen Will Thank You